Franklin HudsonFulton Fast Express
macroprints/engravings Classic Postage Stamp Limited Edition Print Series

Out from under the magnifier, the excellent design and fine engravings of United States postage stamps have been reproduced in great detail.
.This series of faithfully redrawn enlargements (15x) by Roy Alexander, noted graphic and exhibit designer, were reproduced as limited edition serigraphs in the mid 1970s.
.Chosen for their interest to the artist, the skill of the engravers, and the importance of the stamps to philately, the size of the macroprints permits even the casual viewer to appreciate the artistry and dedication of the designers and engravers.
.Each stamp has been carefully redrawn from photographic enlargements (and stamps) to restore all the details and remove the flaws of printing. The hand silk screening has received the same painstaking attention.
Each macroprint is signed and numbered, and accompanied by a full description of the content and detail of the design, art, and production sources of both the stamp and print.
.The following pages provide details on the four (pictured above) still available of the series.

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